Collection: Sunday Bikes

Sunday launched in the spring of 2005. My primary goal from the beginning was to create products that addressed the reliability problems that riders have faced since the 1980’s. Back in ’05 ordinary frames were still struggling with the same-old “weight verses strength” issues that had limited riders for over two decades. Either a bike was “strong”, but heavy as a boat anchor, or a bike was “light”, but only lasted for a month or two. Worst of all, in both of these cases, the dropouts would still bend or pinch, top and downtubes would still dent, headtubes would still pop off unexpectedly, and rear triangles would still twist. As a pro myself, I was tired of dealing with all of this and I always felt that BMX deserved better. In response, Sunday was born. By implementing features like hollow dropouts, Wave tubing, 41-Thermal® heat-treating, and a level of detail in our design and manufacturing steps that had never been seen before, Sunday quickly became known for groundbreaking technical innovations and modern frame designs.