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ACE Trucks

Ace Trucks Little Skate Rats Book

Ace Trucks Little Skate Rats Book

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Curious, Rocco puts himself on the skateboard. It looked so easy.
And he falls... and he falls... and he falls.

Finally he grimaces:
"Ouch, that hurt. I can not do this!"

Rocco is sitting in the parking lot and wants to give up.

But then Ruby confides in him a secret...


A picture book with a peel-off tattoo sheet for 3-99 year olds about skateboarding - a way of life full of courage, friendship and perseverance - a philosophy - a secret worth sharing.

The book is made of 150 g/m² Enviro Polar - RecyStar Polar paper, has the FSC Recycled Credit, and is printed in a climate-neutral manner. Made in Germany.

Written by Julius Dittmann
Illustrated by Ben Jensen
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